Nursing Tips

Oct 03 2016


Keep Your Breastmilk Healthy

Breastfeeding your baby has countless benefits, and you need to make sure you are eating the proper foods to keep your breastmilk in the best condition. Here is a list of a few foods that breastfeeding mothers should do their best to avoid:

  • High Mercury Fish—the neurotoxins can affect the baby’s brain development.
  • Tea/Coffee—caffeine can get in the breastmilk and make your baby fussy and cause him or her to have trouble sleeping.
  • Citrus Fruits—this may cause the baby to have gastrointestinal refluxes and diaper rash.

Aidee Baby wants all breastfeeding mothers to be comfortable and that is why we have developed stylish nursing covers for the mom’s out there. We want to do our best to erase the stress of breastfeeding!


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