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Aug 18 2016

Welcome to the first post on AideeBaby’s blog! This blog’s purpose is to give all of us a space where we can comfortably discuss nursing in public.

AideeBaby and the wearable nursing covers that also act as a jacket for your baby were invented to solve a problem, which unfortunately many mothers struggle with.

Nursing in public was uncomfortable, so the idea was to create something that not only allowed the mother to cover herself and a small infant while breastfeeding, while also maintaining a stylish appearance. So, Aideebaby wearable covers were born!

This blog is about the discussion of breastfeeding in public and how mothers and their infants may feel safer and more comfortable. AideeBaby wraps were designed to remove the stress of nursing in public, while giving mothers the ability to comfortably breastfeed wherever they choose.

We encourage you to post on this blog about the challenges of nursing and how AideeBaby can improve on this experience.

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