The Benefits of Using a Breast Pump

Dec 27 2016

portable electric breast pump

Technological advances brought us electric breast pumps, making breastfeeding much easier. Find out the other advantages they offer:



There are so many options to choose from:

  • Different brands
  • Single- or double-pump
  • Portable or not
  • Cord and plug, car adaptor, or battery powered
  • Bags or bottles for storage


Convenient for Mom

Its convenient qualities have made the electric pump a working mom’s best friend:

  • Get relief quickly
  • Give your baby breastmilk when you’re away
  • Keep your supply up
  • With the right accessories, you can even do it hands-free!


Convenient for Baby

Pumps make it easier to:

  • Feed baby when you don’t have enough milk
  • Increase milk supply
  • Store extra milk without having to supplement with formula


Aidee Baby makes it easy to pump or nurse your baby when you’re away from home with convenient, chic covers.

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