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A Maternally Convenient Product Born From Love

Hello there! Welcome to the official Aidee Baby website! My name is Jayne and I'm your nursing style innovator who has amazing news to share with you... I have successfully designed what could possibly be the most brilliant and effective solution to every new and seasoned mother's nursing difficulties and complications! The Aidee baby apparel combines both the essential nursing cover and the beneficial baby-wearing jacket to formulate a comfortable, functional, chic, and fashionable blouse that you won't be able to resist! The Aidee Baby team's main goal and top priority is to help every new and upcoming mother ease the stress of breastfeeding and feel beautiful, empowered, and confident.

How Our Innovative Apparel was born...

In the Spring blooming of 2015, I gave birth to my first baby boy, Aiden. Once I started going out to public places with baby Aiden, It quickly became clear that I wasn't as comfortable nursing in public as I had imagined I would. However, Aiden didn't understand this concept... When he was ready to nurse, he wanted it immediately. By the time I pulled my nursing cover out of my purse, Aiden had demanded full crowd attention towards me. I tried several other methods at the time such as using a blanket to cover him which only ended in being pulled and tugged off leaving me entirely exposed. If I was able to keep it on, my poor baby would be sweating. I desperately needed a solution. I needed a solution that included a baby wearing option since that is how Aiden and I spent most of our first year together.

With the help of my mother and sister, I went to the drawing board. After considering many significant factors, we decided on two brilliant and successful designs. We created an elegant and classy looking sweater and a hip yet fashionable sleeveless blouse that provides comfort, style, and simplicity. We created a garment that I will be able to use long after I'm done nursing, and a motherhood nursing tool that provides me with the confidence to breastfeed while baby wearing, anywhere, at any time. That is how Aidee Baby came to be.

Aidee Baby

America's Superior & Fashion Trendy Baby Wearing & Nursing Cover

It started as a personal convenience, but all of my mommy friends loved it so much, I decided to share it with the rest of the beautiful momma population!

All of our Aidee Baby tops are 100% made in the USA. We hand select our materials to ensure maximum quality and comfort. We ship nationally.

Simplify & Extend the Amazing Journey of Your Breastfeeding Era

Our Goal here with Aidee Baby is to help ease the stress of breastfeeding. We understand first hand how difficult yet beautiful a nursing relationship is. We want to help all of the lovely mommas feel comfortable nursing their babies whenever and wherever they choose. Whether you are about to give birth or are currently struggling with breastfeeding in public, it's important to attain the highest quality product that'll make all the difference in the world.

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With Aidee Baby, keep your precious babies close, warm, and private. Its perfect for the mother providing Kangaroo care to a sick, teething, or colicky infant while maintaining your own privacy. Avoid the hard work and use of old fashioned covers and search through our extensive catalog of Aidee Baby garments provided in a full range of sizes and colors.