Why Breastfeeding Is Harder than You Might Think

Dec 02 2016

Mom Holding Baby

Nursing is the most natural thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Your baby may:

  • Have a hard time latching, especially at first
  • Latch improperly, causing you pain, giving you cracked or bleeding nipples, or giving them major gas bubbles
  • Refuse to eat from one breast—leaving you uneven and uncomfortable
  • Claw at you, pull your hair, and flip your nursing cover off their face

Understandably, you might feel like breaking down and crying—and giving up breastfeeding altogether.


The good news is that you’re not alone. From lactation consultants to mommy friends to support groups like La Leche League, you can find the support—and advice—you need to get through the difficulties.


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